Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tips for Website Branding

Today as businesses jostle with each other for attention, carving a niche has become extremely difficult. Thus, it is not surprising that businesses are ready to implement full-scale branding measures to make their business stand out. Not just in the offline scenario, but even websites have started indulging in full-fledged branding to increase recall value and set your business apart.
Website Branding – Some Helpful Tips
If you are a business owner looking to kickstart online branding, there are some basic factors that you must consider. Given below are some helpful website branding tips that will certainly make a difference to your online presence:
1.       Easy and Attractive Name: This is the most important element in website branding. Ideally your domain name must be the same as your company name. Also, the brand name should be such that people can pronounce it easily, better still, have a short form.
2.       Have a slogan/tagline: Having a powerful slogan or tagline can certainly add to your website branding tremendously. Create a slogan that connects to the field of work or domain and also to your company.
3.       Logo: For many, logo is equivalent to branding, such is its importance. Website branding is no different and the website logo must reflect the theme and the idea behind it to the fullest. The design, colors and font used for the logo must have zest, energy and great recall value so that it adds to your brand value.
4.       Favicon: Like logo, favicon too is a symbol used for websites. It is basically an icon for bookmarked links and appears when readers bookmark your site links. This is often ignored by webmasters and must be considered very carefully in website branding.
5.       Colors: Colors too, play a key role in your website branding process. It is recommended that webmasters use the a few fixed colors across all the pages. This helps in connecting the brand with the particular colors and effectively contributes in branding not just the website but the business overall.
6.       Website link in Signature: This is an easy but very effective way of website branding. Your signature must have your website link so that it spreads to as many people you mail.
7.       Consistency in Web Design: Web design also plays a crucial part in website branding. All your pages should follow a consistent pattern with regards to images, typography, visuals, colors etc. This helps people to establish certain brand connect and even associate the website with the web design in general.
8.        Uniqueness: This is a factor that applies to all the tasks mentioned above. Be it web design, logo or visuals, make sure that each of these elements is unique and distinct from your competitors. This may be a little difficult to achieve and would demand you to put in that much extra. However, you must be ready to go that extra mile for your website branding to really deliver results.
These are some of the basic factors to focus on while thinking about website branding. These tips will especially prove beneficial for business owners who are just starting their online marketing process.   


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