Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pay per Click – Tips for better ROI

Paid search or pay per click advertising is critical for the success of your digital marketing strategy. Pay per click (PPC) can deliver incredible returns if you do it right. If you are a PPC executive, the thing that you obsess about the most is ROI or return on investment. There are some key PPC tips that will help you get maximum out of your PPC campaigns and enjoy a high return on investment.
pay per click
Pay per Click – Tips and Tricks
If you are a pay per click executive and especially a beginner, the following pay per click tips will certainly help you gain great success:
1.       Geo targeting: While setting up your PPC campaign, you have the option of choosing the location. Selecting the right location is one of the most important things to begin with. Don’t choose a location that you do not cater to. For e.g. If your campaign is only for audience in California, with geo-targeting, you can ensure that the ads are displayed only for that region.

2.       Strong Ad Copy: Having a strong ad copy is a defining factor to attract attention and clicks. In fact even Google uses this to determine quality score. You would want your ad copy to stand out from those of your competitors. Make sure that your ad copy talks about your strong points or any other special offers that you are giving. It is also important to complete your ad copy with the right display URL. Your display URL must be in sync with your ad copy and the keyword.

3.       Deep link your PPC ads: One of the biggest mistakes that even experienced PPC executives make is to dump all the visitors on the home page. Deep link your keywords and land your visitor on the specific category page related to the keyword.

4.       Ad Scheduling: Like geo targeting, you can also select the exact time for displaying your PPC ads. Analyze your reports to check when the conversions peak and taper off to schedule the campaigns accordingly.

5.       Check and Eliminate Negative Keywords: Yet another important tip while executing PPC campaigns is to keep a tab of the negative keyword report. The negative keyword report essentially comprises of keywords that you don’t want to appear for. For e.g. If your company especially caters to car rentals and your target keywords are rent a car, you can safely put keywords like buy cars or car purchase in your negative keyword bucket.

6.       Testing is Everything: Testing your landing pages is key to your pay per click campaigns. A/B testing helps you analyze which designs, conversion pages, buttons and navigation panels work better. The best thing about testing is that you allow users to decide and take their opinion as the final verdict.
These are some of the basic, but often missed pay per click tips to enhance conversions and in turn the ROI. Pay per click campaigns offer you instant results and are a great option if you want to target large traffic within a short span of time. However, do keep these tips in mind to ensure that every penny that you spend is worth it.


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